Photo Credit: Joel Garlich-Miller, USFWS
Eskimo Walrus Commission represents Alaska’s coastal walrus hunting communities in the co-management of the Pacific walrus population. Walrus is an essential cultural, natural, and subsistence resource to St. Lawrence Island Yupik, Central Yup’ik, and Inupiaq people


To protect the Pacific walrus population



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Walrus is a primary food resource for Alaska Natives and provides materials to produce skin boats, drums, tools, and ivory and bone handicrafts and artwork.

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“I contend that we must come together as the Alaska Native community and set a long-term goal of getting our inherent right to a subsistence lifestyle reinstated unequivocally. This will involve looking at this matter as a matter of the heart and committing to taking however long it will take to achieve this goal, even if it takes beyond our lifetime to get there.”

-Matthew Iya, 1993, In Memoriam EWC Founder